As long as you love me
I can do anything
no dream is impossible
no star is too distant to reach
I fly from the joy you bring
You're my first love
and my true love
Until I met you
I never knew love
I've been sent my own
piece of heaven from above
wrapped in the wings of something
divine and pure and fine
If I could capture all the stars
I'd send them to you
but this card will have to do
until I can prove
my unending affection for you
I hope you know how much
I need you here with me
and how much you always move
and inspire me
You're everything that love is
supposed to be

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::. ghasedak .::

سلام .... اومدم که خودمم اول بشم .... خيلی هم خوب کاری کردی نوشتی ..... اين نوشته رو من خيلی دوست دارم .....